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Help for dealing with masturbation.

Probably the hardest part about dealing with sexual sin is getting your arms around (no pun intended) the masturbation issue.

Kenny Luck

There are many differing viewpoints surrounding the impact of masturbation-is it healthy or harmful? Studies have shown that ninety-nine percent of all masturbation involves lust and mental fantasy, which disconnects you from real relationships with real people.

Masturbation is a difficult topic to discuss, and often, it's even more difficult to remove from your life. One of the elements that makes masturbation so difficult to discuss, is that it's often covered by a layer of secrecy and shame.

Despite these difficulties, masturbation can be conquered. If your desire is to change, God can heal and bring restoration.

x3pure can help you conquer habitual masturbation--even masturbation addiction.

x3pure provides an online, 30-day streaming video workshop designed to free you from the bondage of sexual sin.