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The Impact of Pornography on your marriage.

Viewing porn and pornography addiction can be a destructive part of any marriage. What can you do? How can you get it out of your marriage?

The intersection of pornography and marriage is one of the most problematic issues among many couples today. With eroticism woven into the very heart of our culture, celebrated in its entertainment, and advertised as a commodity, it is virtually impossible to escape the pervasive influence of pornography in our culture and in our lives.

Increased exposure to pornography creates the need for ever-increased stimulation in order to demand notice, arouse sexual interest, and retain attention. In an odd twist, hyper-exposure to pornography leads to a lower net return on investment--which is to say that the more pornography one sees, the more explicit the images must be in order to excite interest. As the postmodernist would explain, in order to "transgress," pornographers must continue to press the envelope.

Pornography represents one of the most insidious attacks upon the sanctity of marriage and the goodness of sex within the one-flesh relationship. The consumption of pornography gives men and women unrealistic ideas of what sex in the marriage should be like. Contrary to the very biblical basis of marriage, the use of pornography focuses on self gratification and pleasure, and can result in a lack of true intimacy between husband and wife.

Enjoy true intimacy in your marriage.

X3pure is an online workshop designed to assist men and women looking for God's wisdom, direction, and tools to use in keeping themselves sexually pure and free from pornography. At X3pure, we equip you with a strong knowledge of the issues surrounding the nature of pornography and pornography addiction so that you can maintain sexual purity in your marriage.