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What other ministries and industry leaders have said about X3pure.

”One of the great tragedies of the modern age is that more and more men are being trapped by pornography. It robs men of both the life and intimacy they long for. The good news is there is hope. X3pure offers a powerful and liberating way back to freedom for any man who wants it. I highly recommend the life-returning program.“
Robert Lewis
Founder, Men’s Fraternity
Pastor-at-large, Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, AR

”X3pure is a brilliant solution for sexual purity in that it helps remove the largest barrier that Christians face when dealing with this issue: fear of disclosure. There are hundreds of thousands who need to get help overcoming pornography and other sexual sins. X3pure is a great way to provide the help they need. It is confidential, biblically sound, and is led by believers whom I know and trust. If you, your son, your daughter, your spouse, or perhaps a friend is struggling with sexual sin of any kind, go to their web site and signup for one of their confidential programs today.“
Chuck Swindoll
Chairman, Insight for Living
Senior Pastor, Stonebriar Community Church

"X3pure uses the anonymity of the Internet to allow men to start the journey of recovery. I encourage you to make X3pure available to your church and to encourage men and women to begin the transformation process from pornography addiction to freedom in Christ with X3pure."
Steve Arterburn
Co-Author, the ”Every Man’s Battle“ series of books
Founder & President, New Life Ministries

"X3pure provides real and relevant help on a deeply personal and spiritually sensitive issues. It speaks grace. It speaks truth. It is biblical and bold. It is technically brilliant. I am proud to recommend it as a pastor."
Kenny Luck
Pastor of Men
Saddleback Church