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The Board:

XXXchurch is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that sits under the umbrella of Fireproof Ministries. The Executive Committee leads on behalf of the Board for key planning and decision making related to the ongoing activities of the ministry. 

The Board of Directors gives “voice” into the direction of the ministries while the Executive Committee maintains the responsibility to “vote” on the outlined decisions and purposes of the board. 

The Name:

XXXchurch is provocative, memorable, and it combines the seedy and the sacred. Enough said.

The Mission:

XXXchurch is here to make you think, react, and to decide where you stand on the issues of porn. We're not here to sling mud, but to shove the envelope and try and do some good.

International Headquarters:
PO Box 50048
Pasadena CA 91115
Phone/Fax: 626-628-3387.
EMAIL: X3Pure Support Team

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